AAU Students – Hearing August 16th Hearing

AAU Students – Hearing August 16th Hearing
Today, the 11 Addis Ababa University students, who were given a verdict to defend themselves from charges filed against them for holding a demonstration at the gate of the US Embassy in Addis Ababa, appeared before court. The report prepared by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission on the public protest and causalities in Oromia region and presented at the parliament was ordered by the court to be present for the trial. Since it was not presented during the last trial session as per the court order, the court had given another order for the Commission to present the report for August 16, 2016. But again, on August 16, the report is not presented by the Commission.
The court gave another order for the concerned body from the Ethiopian Human Right Commission to appear before court on August 19, 2016 and give an explanation as to why the report was not presented to the court as per the orders given previously.

AAU student
The following are the students who are defending themselves:
1. Soressa Deme Tolera
2. Guta Bayisa Hunde
3. Gemechu Kebede Qeno
4. Hinersamu Bogale Deneqe
5. Debela Feyisa Gonfa
6. Ahmed Mohammed Mere
7. Birhanu Bedada Gulena
8. Ejigu Qebeta Ayana
9. Gudina Tesfaye Tadele
10. Teressa Asenaqe Beyene
11. Sheleme Gemechu Deme

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