AAU Students, Protested In front of US Embassy,Hearing–April 18/2016

Oromo students from 4kilo, 5kilo and 6kilo campuses of Addis Ababa University, who were arrested for demonstrating in front of the Embassy of USA opposing Ethiopian government’s ongoing killings and human right abuses on peaceful protesters, appeared at Menagesha 1st instance court. Though the court session was appointed to hear prosecutor’s witnesses, no witness was present. Based on the prosecutor’s demand for another appointment, the case adjourned for April 27th 2016.

The court session was closed for attendance but after the hearing the defendants were taken to 5kilo and 6kilo (areas of the university campuses) on foot escorted by the police. The objective was to make other students see them while arrested and escorted. The defendants are also experiencing harsher treatment at kilinto prison. For example, while other prisoners are allowed to take in their charge files with them, these student defendants are not allowed to have their charge files. Thus,

1. Since they don’t exactly know the prosecutor’s detailed charges and the evidences filed against them, the prosecutor can make any changes on evidence list without their knowledge

2. Their lawyers can not give them adequate legal advice because they do not have the charges on their hands and that is against the constitution and any criminal procedure laws

Though it has already been more than a month and ten days since the students protested, THE EMBASSY HAS NOT COMMENTED ANYTHING YET. And no person from the embassy and diplomatic community was observed to follow up the trial.

The following is the list of the names of the defendants

1 Soressa Deme 4th year Mechanical Engineering Student

2 Bilisuma Birhanu 2nd year Economics Student

3 Gudina Tesfaye 2nd year Management Student

4 Eshetu Dejene  2nd year Economics Student

5 Debela Feyisa 4th year Engineering Student

6 Batte Lemi 2nd Year Mathematics Student

7 Alemu Olani 2nd year Economics Student

8 tGemechu Kebede 1st year Afan Oromo Language

9 Ahmed Mohammed 5th year Electrical Engineering Student

10 Hinersamu Bogale 3rd year Accounting Student

11 Ejigu Qebeta 2nd year Economics Student

12 Sheleme Gemechu 2nd year Economics Student

13 Gemechu Hailu

14 Meresha Bayisa  2nd year Economics Student

15 Tesfaye Getu 3rd year Management Student

16 Teressa Asenaqe 2nd year Economics Student

17 Tesfaye Mekonnen 2nd year Economics Student

18 Daniel Abdisa 2nd year Chemical Engineering Student

19 Guta Bayisa 2nd year Chemical Engineering Student

20 Birhanu Bedada 1st year Public Administration Student


On another case of a charge file against Olana Kebede and et al, which was appointed at Lideta Higher Court 19th bench, the case as adjourned for July since the judges are said to be unavailable due to the training they are attending.


AAU students protested

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