Results Summary on the Online Poll Conducted From May 18-22 /2015

Results Summary

Results are out for the five-day (May 18-22) Internet poll jointly organized by the Ethiopia Human Rights Project (EHRP) and The poll was intended to measure Ethiopia’s ruling party Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF’s) performance on six policy issues. Of the 39,820 people who visited the polling site, 3519 participated and responded to all six questions.

Accordingly, EPRDF’s average approval rate on the issues in question stood at 16.1%

EPRDF received the lowest percentage of approval for rule of law and independence of the justice system at 12% while its highest percentage of approval was for effectiveness of the federal system at 20%.

The following is the breakdown of the results on the basis of the policy issues. The results show votes given in Amharic language only.

•On economic progress and equitable distribution of wealth
19% Approve
81% Disapprove

•On good governance and respect for human rights
13% Approve
87% Disapprove

•On effectiveness of the federal system
20% Approve
80% Disapprove

•On foreign policy
16% Approve
84% Disapprove

•On provision of basic services
17% Approve
83% Disapprove

•On rule of law and independence of the justice system
12% Approve
88% Disapprove

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