Bail Denied for the Sixth Defendant on Olana Kebede and et. al Case – February 8th Hearing

                       On  February 8, 2016 up on calling the defendants while the courts starts its daily trial, federal high court Lideta 19th criminal bench learned that the 20th defendant  Toshele Tesfa and 21th defendant were not present at the trial from Kilinto Detention Center.

The judges reminded that this kind of absence from trial due to the failure of Kilinto Detention Center is becoming normal and should be corrected. The representative from Kilinto Detention Center said they were not aware of the court order to bring the defendants for the hearing.

The sixth defendant Abdi Seife, (from Kality Prison ) asked the court a bail and he also complain on the treatment he is getting from Kality Prison administration. But the prison administration defended the defendant never complained to the prison administration treatment and if he has made so, it would have been solved at the initial stage and also accused the defendant saying he had quarreled with prison guards and lacks discipline.

The presiding judge replied to the defendants inquiry saying “In principle you have the right to be visited by your families and we also ordered the prison administration to respect your rights, we can’t further debate on the matter, the prison administration has been given the privilege to decide the time as well as standards of family visitation on the proclamation”.

The defendant on his defense said he had informed his complain to the prison administration six times before he bring it to the court and even have a copy of his complain letters. He also explained his families were bringing food for him but could not be allowed to deliver it to him, and the court should give solution to protect him from the violation of his basic rights.

The judge replied “do not waste our time; if you have witness about your families’ visitation denials please bring them otherwise we can’t give you solutions”. Also he is advised him to submit his complaints to the prison administration structure hierarchically.

Finally on the defendant’s request on bail, the court gave verdict that denied his bail rights since he is charged of terrorism. (Anti-Terrorism Proclamation, article 4)  For the 20th and 21nd defendants order has been given to the detention center administration to bring them before the court on February 10, 2016 to give verdict on their request for bail.

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