Call for Application for A Consultancy

Terms of Reference

Consultancy for Development of Human Rights Training Manual for CARD

1. Background

CARD is a board-led, non-profit organization registered in Ethiopia under the revised Civil Societies Law 1113/2019 with registry number 4307. CARD envisions seeing a democratic Ethiopia and has a mission of echoing principles of democracy to make it the rule of the game in the country. 

CARD follows a rights-centered approach to help the democratization process in Ethiopia. As the current sociopolitical situation demands, CARD will be focusing on promoting informed freedom of expression, and civil conversation as well as combatting hate and dangerous speech and conflict mitigation.

CARD is implementing a project named, New Generation Human Rights Defenders (NGHRDs). The project aims to continuously bring up high school students to eventually make Human Rights a social movement that the new generation believes in and is committed to through training. Through the first phase of the project, CARD has planned to train 240 high school students on the topics of basic principles and history of human rights, gender equality, freedom of expression, assembly, and demonstration.

For this purpose, CARD is looking for individual consultants or consultancy firms to develop a training manual for NGHRDs.

2. Purpose

The purpose of hiring the consultancy service is to have a full-fledged training manual. In addition, we would like a series of training to be given by the firm or person that developed the manual.

3. Tasks

The major activities expected from the consultant comprise:

  1. Develop a full-fledged training manual and curriculum to introduce values and principles of human rights to the youth.
  2. Give consecutive training on the weekends for high school students from September 25th – December 5th
  3. Develop brief reports after each the training

4. Essentials and desirable experiences

  • The consultant must have a requisite academic qualification, preferably LLM in human rights, or equivalent experience
  • The consultant shall at least have 3 years of teaching and/or training experience in human rights
  • Previously proven work experience with a similar assignment
  • Strong analytical skills, nuanced understanding of contemporary context, and positive engagement skills

Interested organizations or individuals are required to submit the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae or resume
  • Letter of motivation (why the applicant wants to apply for this specific call)
  • A brief concept note and budget proposed

Potential firms or individuals are requested to submit all the necessary documents via by Monday 13th of September 2021 from the date of this announcement.

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