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Call for Consultancy Service: Training Manual Compiler Needed

Terms of Reference for Compiling Training Manuals under a Training Series to Promote Conflict Sensitive Civic Engagement among Youth Social Movement Leaders

1.      Background

The Center for Advancement of Rights and Democracy (CARD) is a board-led, non-profit organization registered in Ethiopia under the revised Civil Societies Proclamation 1113/2019 with registry number 4307. CARD envisions to see a democratic Ethiopia and has a mission of echoing principles of democracy to make it the rule of the game in the country.

CARD is an organization that follows a rights-centered approach to help the democratization process in Ethiopia. As in the current socio-political situation demands, CARD has been focusing on youth’s civic engagement and promoting conflict-sensitive dialogue through informed freedom of expression, as well as combating disinformation, hate, and dangerous speech. CARD is also dedicated to grassroots empowerment of the youth and women to make human rights a popular movement in Ethiopia.

Under the civic engagement program, CARD hosts different workshops, dialogues, and training that promote conflict-sensitive civic engagement to grassroots youth leaders. This program aims to facilitate an increase in the number of young people peacefully and actively participating in civic spaces, and the dialogues and workshops are meant to galvanize young people in Ethiopia to play a leading role in determining leadership through conflict-sensitive active civic participation.   

2.      Promoting Conflict Sensitive Civic Engagement of the Youth (PCSCE)   

The PCSCE project is a capacity-building project that is organized by CARD to develop skills of youth human rights and democracy advocates and supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and others. CARD has conducted this project to unleash the potential of emerging human rights/democracy activists in Ethiopia to become transformative leaders with improved abilities to effectively engage in conflict-sensitive civic engagement, and form and lead a grassroots youth movement. The project consists of training on modules of human rights, ABCs of Civic Associations, Introduction to Project Cycle Management, and Artistic Activism.

Through this program, participants were part of extensive training, learn how to implement their own projects, get one-on-one mentorship to build their grassroots civic association, and practice working in a group to lead conflict-sensitive civic engagement in universities. The project also enables young people to identify and work around the challenges of encouraging other youth and community members to participate in civic spaces peacefully.

CARD is currently planning to produce a fully-fledged manual consisting of all the four modules of PCSCE for consecutive training it plans to conduct. In addition, it will be a go-to reference for PCSCE trainees. For this purpose, CARD is looking for an individual consultant or consultancy firm that has experience in compiling different manual components into one.

3.      Scope of the Consultancy

CARD is inviting a suitably qualified consultant or firm to review the current manual module contents and compile it according to the aims of the CARD PCSCE main objectives. The consultancy service will, therefore, comprise three main tasks:

  • Reviewing different components of PCSCE modules,
  • Proposing recommended changes, and
  • Compiling those different components into one. 

Strategic Plan (2022-2026)

4.      Expected Products and Delivery Timeline

The table below provides a list of outputs to be submitted by the consultant and timelines for the project:

Main tasksDescriptionOutputsOutputs to be submitted by/ on:
Initiation phaseAt the Inception Meeting, the consultant and CARD will clarify expectations. An Inception Report will be developed and submitted.Signed Contract  Inception Meeting1 January 2022
Task 1 Reviewing of current workshop contentCARD will provide the consultant with: The 4 training modules   Feedback from previous workshop participants Any other relevant materials The consultant must evaluate the above, synthesize the feedback and clearly articulate the required updates/ changes to the workshop content in a Review Report.  
Task 2 Finalizing the first draftThe consultant must prioritize and present the first draft of the compiled manual.• First draft10  January  2022
Task 3 Conclusion phaseFinalize the manual compilationFinal compiled manual25 January 2022

5.      Ownership Rights

The outputs (the compiled manual) produced shall become the property of CARD in its entirety and may not be presented and/or published whatsoever without written permission from CARD. The ‘work produced’ includes all of the draft and final versions of the manual listed as outputs listed in section V above as well as any other documentation developed or produced specifically for this project. 

6.      Essentials and Desirable Experiences

  • The consultants must have at least a graduate degree from a registered tertiary institution
  • Previously work experience in developing and/or compiling training manuals.
  • Strong analytical skills, nuanced understanding of contemporary sociopolitical context, and positive engagement skills.

7.      Budget and payments 

A once-off, contracted fee will be paid in full settlement of the consultant’s services, on completion and approval of the above-listed deliverables on or before the stipulated timelines. The consultant must invoice CARD upon approval of agreed outputs.

Potential firms or individual consultants are required to submit a budget proposal including all expenses directly related to the assignment. Please note that while our budget is not infinite, we are very interested in compensation commensurate to one’s time, effort, and skill level. In accordance with Ethiopia’s tax laws, the fees will be subject to a 2% withholding tax for consultancy firms, and 30% for individual consultants. Interested organizations or individuals are required to submit their curriculum vitae or resume and budget (financial) proposal via by Friday 24 of December 2021 from the date of this announcement.

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