Coalition of NGO, Diaspora Groups Support Congressional Hearing on Human Rights in Ethiopia

March 9, 2017, Washington D.C.
The undersigned civil society organizations applaud Chairman Chris Smith, and Ranking Member Karen Bass of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committees Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations for holding a hearing on Ethiopia today entitled, “Ethiopia: Democracy Under Threat.”
The hearing draws much-needed attention to the deteriorating human rights and governance situation in Ethiopia. U.S policy makers should take due note of the alarming trend in the suppression of fundamental freedoms, targeting of political opponents and dwindling of political space in Ethiopia and take measures to avert a political crisis that could impact the entire Horn of Africa region.
We urge the House of Representatives to pass House Resolution 128, supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia, which was reintroduced in February 2017 by Representatives Chris Smith, Mike Coffman, Keith Ellison, Karen Bass, Robin Kelly and Marc Veasey. This resolution is a positive first step and sends a powerful message to the Ethiopian government that it cannot continue killing and arresting citizens that express their grievances through peaceful means. The resolution condemns the killing and arbitrary arrest of protestors and calls on the Ethiopian government to conduct a full, credible and transparent investigation into the killing and excessive use of force against protestors in the Amhara and Oromia regions. It also urges the Ethiopian government to lift the state of emergency and allow the UN to conduct an independent examination of the human rights situation in Ethiopia. The resolution also calls on the U.S. Government to conduct a review of its security assistance to Ethiopia in light of recent developments, develop a comprehensive strategy to improve good governance in Ethiopia, and consider imposing Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act sanctions on perpetrators of gross human rights violations.
Todays hearing will reiterate the concerns expressed in the resolution, further highlight the need for adopting it and put forward important recommendations for Congress and the administration. U.S. policy discussions with the Government of Ethiopia should promote national and international accountability for the egregious human rights abuses perpetrated by Ethiopian government security forces during recent protests in the Amhara and Oromia regions and the obligation of donor countries – including the U.S. – to ensure that aid given to the Government of Ethiopia is not used to suppress the legitimate demands of citizens for accountable government and inclusive representation at all levels of the political structure.
We once again express our support for this hearing and the resolution and the intent behind both, which is to focus attention on helping the Ethiopian people and the Ethiopian government find a path forward out of the deepening human rights crisis. We encourage members of the House to co-sponsor this resolution.

Ethiopia Human Rights Project
Freedom House
Freedom Now
Human Rights Watch
Oromo Advocacy Alliance
Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia
Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition (TASSC)

One thought to “Coalition of NGO, Diaspora Groups Support Congressional Hearing on Human Rights in Ethiopia”

  1. Dear Ethiopian Human Right advocates,I am writing about the concern we all have regarding the abuse and the genocide of Ethiopians by the TPLF. Among other things some of the reasons we have very little positive results averting the danger we posed is-
    1- We have not learned to work along with all Ethiopian based parties and organizations ,particulariliy, this issue.
    2- We need to try something different we have not done before. For instance,we can contact two highly influential organizations in the United States.This is very important if we really want to persuade President Trump’s policy towards Ethiopia to stop Human right abuse . The Ethiopian Orthodox church is expected to make the lead in this area.Unfortunately, the dogma they follow will not allow them to work with other western based Christian faith. May be we can fill for this gap by working with Ethiopian protestants .If the previously mentioned faith show willingness then it can participate. If not Protestants and Islam together and your agency might embark to contact these institutions.

    The reason I wrote this comment is in addition to political persecution there is religious persecution that is taking place in Ethiopia.As I mentioned above these two institutions are very effective in bringing the TPLF regime to respond to its atrocities. For instance,recently TPLF has abducted Aba Gebremedihin Eyesus from Waldeba monastery .Please see the link bellow. I am sure if we contact these institutions TPLF will be in great trouble.The current administration is attentive to the Christian community in the U.S. I listed bellow the address of these institutions .



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