Court failed to give verdict on OFC leader Dr. Merera’s Objection (June 02/2017 hearing)

Though the 19th criminal bench of the Federal High Court had adjourned the case of Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) party leader Merera Gudina (PhD) for June 2nd 2017, the court failed to finish its verdict on the preliminary objection claiming that it has found a problem in the way the second charge (on Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) and Oromia Media Network(OMN)) was presented.

Judges said that prosecutors claim in stating Article 34(1) of the criminal code should only be applied; if the institutions should have had a legal entity within the country. Hence, judges gave verdict saying for the prosecutor to present improved charges so that they would proceed to hear the objections of the 1st defendant.

The lawyer of the defendant Wondimu Ibssa requested to include additional point to the the preliminary objection made by Dr Merera. Judges allowed him with warning not to repeat such procedural oversight again.  The next hearing was adjournment June 20/2017.



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