Court Gave Second Appointment to Deliver Verdict for the Grievance of Bekele Gerba and other OFC leaders – July 15th Hearing

  • Degene Tafa request court to order prison administration so as to allow him to be visited by family.
  • Defendant Bekele Gerba and Dejene Tafa demand court ruling to get their prescribed medicine.
  • First defendant Guremesa Ayano inquires court to give ruling to Kilinto detention center so he can get medical treatment for his ear injuries.
  • Though defendants request to get their 825 birr which the detention center took while they detain, kilinto detention center reject the accusation.

 Federal high court Lideta 19 criminal bench failed to give verdict to Guremesa Ayano and including Oromo Federation Congress (OFC) political party deputy chairman Bekele Gerba and other 22 defendants on their petition on human rights violation facing at detention.

Today July 15, 2016, the 19 criminal bench left Judge Samuel Tadesse said because one of the judge among the three, judge Tadele Tegegn is in training for the past week, couldn’t deliver verdict on time.

Court gave another adjournment for Tuesday July 19, 2016 afternoon.

Defendant lawyer explain to court that Dejene’s mother came from countryside and was not allowed to see her son even if she show her retirement ID and ask court to give proper ruling on the right of the defendant to be visited by family members. Court took the full name of defendant’s mother and told defendant it will give order for the detention center.

Bekele Gerba and Dejene Tafa once again appeal to court to get their prescribed medicine. Also defendant Gurmesa Ayano told court that it has been a while since he is denied of medical treatment for his ears other than painkillers. Court gave written order to Kilinto detention center to give defendants proper medical treatment.

At today’s trial the court only heard defendant’s grievance and finally defendants ask court to help them get their money (825 birr) back, which they claim the detention center took while they first moved to the detention center. Though defendants claim they have witness to bring on the matter, Kilinto detention center denied the allegation in a written response to the court.

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