Court gives another adjournment to hear prosecutor audio-visual evidence against OFC leaders (March 29/2017 hearing)

Though the 4th criminal bench at the Federal High Court Lideta Division was to hear prosecutor audio-visual evidences against OFC leaders Gurmessa Ayano et al on the 29th of March, it did not hear for the prosecutor failed to present the evidences in the working language of the court.  Prosecutor claimed that he was waiting for the response of Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) to give it the translated version.

Lawyers of defendants on their part claimed that prosecutor is negligent and wasting time to come up with its audio-visual evidences that he claimed he has. The lawyers contended that prosecutor should have presented the evidences in the working language of the court and the registrar should not have accepted evidences in other languages as court’s working language is known.

Accordingly, lawyers requested the court to drop the audio-visual evidences of the prosecutor and proceed to the next step.

Prosecutor on his part claimed that he and his staff are doing all they could to fulfill the requirements and orders given from the court. He argued that prosecutor is not necessarily expected to present the evidences in the working language of the court.

Hearing petitions from both sides, judges gave verdict that evidences should be presented in the working language of the court as soon as possible and prosecutor should work more professionally in this regard.

The court once again adjourned the next hearing for April 10/2017 to receive the translated version of prosecutor’s audio-visual evidences.

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