Data Protection Policy Brief for Ethiopia

Ethiopia has drafted a bill for Personal Data Protection which will establish a Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC). The PDPC will be responsible for the regulation of all data collection, storage, and processing. The Center for the Advancement of Rights and Democracy (CARD) finds drafting the bill commendable; however, it also believes the draft bill should be publicly debated before adoption. To the contrary, there were few publicly or privately initiated debates on the draft that allowed the drafters to take notes into consideration.

CARD, as part of its digital rights program, has been advocating for safe and open access to the Internet. It believes that the safety of netizens cannot be ensured without an independent regulatory system of data collection, storage, and processing by any actors. Therefore, it is with huge interest CARD is observing the development of the draft bill and its revision. In August 2022, CARD issued its Position Paper (access here) on the draft bill of personal data protection.

Additionally, CARD has developed a Policy Brief to help policymakers and drafters of the data protection bill put into consideration to maximize the independence of the Commission to be established upon the adoption of the draft bill. CARD believes that a personal data regulatory body should keep its independence from mainly three parties: i.e. the government, international organizations, and private interest groups.

Please download the Amharic or English versions of the policy brief here or read it below.


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The Center for the Advancement of Rights and Democracy (CARD) is a board-led, for-not-profit organization registered in Ethiopia under the Civil Societies Law 1113/2019 with registry number 4307. CARD acquired its legal personality on 24 July 2019.

​CARD aspires to see Ethiopia where democratic culture flourished on human rights values and has been working with a mission to empower citizens and groups of citizens to ensure their ability to promote and defend human rights and build democratic governance in Ethiopia.

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