Ethiopia- Government’s Brutal Response to Amhara Region Protesters


Following the July arrest and detention of representatives of the Wolqait Amhara Identity Committee in Gonder by the government’s Antiterrorism Taskforce, protests erupted in many areas of the Amhara region. The first of these protests took place on August 1st in Gonder town in which thousands of people took to the streets to denounce the arrests of the committee members and a range of other actions by the regional and federal governments.

Other demonstrations that took place in different parts of the region turned violent with security forces firing live bullets killing over 50 protestors in one day of protest on August 5 in Bahr Dar town, the capital city of the Amhara region.,

Information compiled by EHRP so far shows that major protests took place in 6 of the 11 zones in the region. The zones include North Gonder, South Gonder, Bahr Dar Special Zone, Awi, West Gojam and East Gojam. Anti-government street demonstrations and “stay at home” protests took place in small wereda towns and in some cases in rural kebeles across the six zones. The protests that were ignited in the historic town of Gonder, quickly spread to Debarq, Debtetabor, Metema, Ambagiorgis, Wereta, Simada, Gayint, Bahr Dar, Finote Selam, Burre, Enjibara, Dangila, Chagni, Tilili, Birsheleqo, Quarit, Dembecha, Amanuel, Debre Markos and other towns.

Under the orders of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, to take all measures necessary to contain the protests, police and army units used massive force that caused death and injury of hundreds of peaceful protesters. Thousands of others have been detained in military camps such as Birrsheleqo while many others were forcibly taken from their homes and never heard from since then. The government’s move to shutdown internet and phone services particularly in the areas of the region where intense protests were taking place made it extremely difficult for EHRP to interview victims and witnesses and other informants. As a result EHRP has not been able to compile information and data that shows the full extent of the human rights violations perpetrated by security forces in connection with the protests. Accordingly, the following list of victims is to show only what EHRP was able to compile and corroborate through various sources.


Table – Name of the people who have been killed and places

No Name Place
1  Yeshalal Kebede Gonder
2  Sisaye Takele Gonder
3 Abebe Geremew Baherdar
4 Teferi Baye Baherdar
5 Edmealem Zewedu Baherdar
6 Aderajew Dessalegn Baherdar
7  Yebeltal Debretabor
8 Gezachew Ketema Gonder
9 Adane Ayenew Gonder
10 Mandefero Aserese Bahirdar
11 Kumelachew Kalu Bahirdar
12 Aweke Tebebeu FenoteSelam
13 Sisaye Kebede Gonder
14 Setegn Gonder (from Welekayet)
15 Eteneshe Sheferaw Eeast Gojam, Jiga
16 Endalew Mekonen Gonder, Gayent
17 Eshete Bahirdar (Kebele 16)
18 Selemon Aschale Bahirdar
19  Muluken Tefera Baharrdar
20 Aderajew Hailu Bahardar
21 Asmamaw Beyene Bahardar
22 Tazebew Chane Baherdar
23 Aserat Kassahu Baherdar
24 Yeshiwas Werku Bahardar
25 Berehanu Abuhaye Bahardar
26 Shemelese Taye Baherdar
27 Azanawe Mamu Baherdar
28 Sisay Amare Baherdar
29  Molalegn Atalaye Baherdar
30 Mesafnt Baherdar, Esate
31 Engedaw Zeru  Baherdar
32 Zenaw Tesema Baherdar
33 Moges Molla Baherdar
34 Mollalegn Tadesse Baherdar
35 Yetayale Kase Baherdar
36 Eshete Berku Baherdar
37 Mogess Baherdar
38 Geremew Abebaw Baherdar
39 Mahlet Baherdar
40  Tesefaye Berehanu Baherdar
41 Fentahun Baherdar
42 Setegn Kasse Baherdar
43 Babeye Girma Baherdar
44 Alebel Ayenalem Deberemarkos
45 Abiyot Zerihun Baherdar
46 Abeje Tezera Wereta
47 Demoze Zeleke Wereta
48  Alebele Hayemanot Baherdar
49 Estibele Aserese Adet
50 Ayenaddis  Aalem Debrework
51 Shemelese Wenedemu Bure
52 Tadesse Zemenu Adet
53 Habtamu Tamrat Baherdar
54  Yebeltal Ewenetu Baherdarm Tis Abaye
55 Yehenew Shemelese Deberetabor
56 Belete Kasse Deberetabor
57 Adan Eneyew  Gonder, Kebelle 16
58 Alemayehu Yebeltal Dangela
59  Yayehe Belachew Dangela
60  Bereket Alemayhe Dangela
61 Temesegen Dangela
62  Keduse Habtamu Baherdar
63 Fesha Telahun Baherdar
64  Solomon Tebebu Chagni
65 Estibele Aserese Adet
66  Zerihun Gedebeye Gonder
67 Sisaye Babele Gonder
68  Bayhu Gonder Gonder
69 Beletu Mohamed Azezo, Gonder
70 Enjera Baye Azezo, Gonder
71 Wondemu Gonder
72  Germachew Ketema Lay Armachiho
73  Lishan Kebede Ayeba
74 Mele Ayemeba Ayeba
75 Azanwe Desse Armachio
76 Aragaw Melese Armachio
77  Setegn Admassu Delgi
78 Tarekegn Tshome Delgi
79 Henock Atalele Delgi
80 Dessse Deress Shawra
81 Germachew Mogess Shawra
82  Werku Tkusa Shawra
83 Mamaye Anegaw Dansha
84  Fenta Ahemed Dansha
85  Kenfe Chekole Baker
86 Sisaye Takele Armachio
87 Maerg Brhan Deberetabor
88 Teacher Tessfaye Brhan Debretabor Kebelleo1
89 Yebeletal Desse Debretabor Kebelleo2
90 Aragaw Melese Armachio
91 Adane Ayalew Armachio
92 Ayanaw Desse Armachio
93 Terfe Atanaw Armachio
94 Teacher Berehanu Ayele North Shewa, MAjete
95 Abrarawe Alemayhu South Gonder, Semada
96 Temesegen Sisay South Gonder, Semada
97 Gashaw Siraje South Gonder
98 Fenta Mogess South Gonder, Semada
99 Tadelle Yayehe East Gojam, Bure


Ethiopian Human Right Project has been gathering information about Amhara region repression and from the obstacle faced through gathering information this short report is not all inclusive.

Denouncing the government action, Ethiopian Human Right Project (EHRP) demand the government to make responsible those government agents who take actions, permit independent body to investigate and refrain from killing of its own people who demand their basic human rights.

As much as possible the investigation and collecting of information will continue on behalf of Ethiopian Human Right Project. If you have any additional information about Amhara protest and related issues please do contact as in our social media and our email address. ( )


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