Facts and Documents on Case of Zone9 Bloggers and Journalists

After nine months continuous appearance to the federal High court 19th criminal bench for 20 times the court finally have decided to hear evidence by the prosecution. The evidence hearing will start on march 30 for 3 consecutive days. with in the last nine months

– 87 days of interrogation had been conducted on all nine detainees.
– The charges had been amended twice, and totally three charges had been presented against the ten bloggers(one in absentia) and journalists
– Zone 9 Bloggers and Journalists appeared to the court 20 times
– Female detainees could not be visited by friends and relatives. their visit is restricted to 6 persons and only for 20 min in a day.
– Two family members/ friends had been temporarily detained by security officers because they have attempted to take picture of the detainees in the court compound not in the court room.
– In all court appearances the bloggers and journalists have seen with smile and strong spirits.
– The defendants asked the presiding judge to be replace for the reason he showed bias during the trials, which was denied by the court.
– More than 85% of the evidence used against the defendants is articles from their blogs and campaign statements.
– their case has been presented for the UN working group on arbitrary detention

The following are the main documents which helps to understand the charges and the evidence presented.

Final charge on Zone9 bloggers and journalists

First Campaign Zone9 bloggers

Second campaign Zone9 bloggers

Third campaign Zone9 bloggers

Fourth campaign Zone9 bloggers

Petition change of Judge

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