Inclusion and Representation of Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups

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    By getting fixated on what is called as ‘the nationalities question’, the Ethiopian political order and discourse appears to put concerns and demands of other social groups—such as women, youth, people with disabilities, and minority/indigenous groups (including pastoralists)—as an apolitical second order issue. This allows systematic marginalization and, in cases of minority groups, assimilation into dominant cultural groups. The generational demands of the youth to a brighter future is also not centered in a manner which represents their views and aspirations. More often than not, others speak representing these groups often for self-serving reasons.

    Ethiopia’s future however belongs to all social groups, and all should have a say in it, particularly the youth. This theme therefor allows debate on current questions/demands of the youth, and their future aspirations. What should be done to stall current institutionalized dynamics of marginalization and promote integration.

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