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      Located in the geopolitics of the Horn of Africa and Red sea arena Ethiopia became the epicenter for hegemonic and counter-hegemonic global and regional competition. The return of geopolitics, the rise of populist tendencies, the new cold war and the emerging complex multi-polar world significantly being felt in the Horn of Africa and particularly in Ethiopia. The polarized elitists’ politics seemingly feeding into this complex global and regional geopolitics. The C19 pandemic and the associated skyrocketing price of consumer goods worsening the political crisis and the everyday life of commoners. As seen from the macro-politic and geopolitical condition, one may articulate and analyze Ethiopia’s political condition with the emerging new and old possibilities and limits. How should global and regional dynamics have been affecting the national politics in Ethiopia since 2018?

      • How should we articulate this?
      • Should we use colonialism, neo-colonialism, cold war etc?
      • Do we need new concepts and grammar to make sense of the world we are navigating as a political community?
      • Should we rethink pan-Horn, Pan Africanism and Bandung moments to survive in the emerging world of uncertainties?
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