“I was beaten up plenty of times,” Tizazu Woldie

Name: Tizazu Woldie Anbulie

Age: 30

Address: Addis Ababa, Kirkose sub-city, woreda 08

The prison where I am jailed: Nifassilk Lafto Sub-city Police Station

The reason why I am jailed: for holding a flag which has no emblem on it

Prosecutor’s official charge against me: “caught while walking at the evening time with the nation’s flag without an emblem on it, in Woreda 08 of Nifas Silk Lafto sub city around Gotera in front of Oil Libya, prosecutor accused me of violating the flag proclamation no. 654/2009.

The following rights violations are committed against me in prison:-

  1. I was beaten up time again by the police (interrogators)
  2. The police station restricted visit from my families and friends.
  3. I was kidnapped and spent in prison for months without appearing in court, they told me I cannot be appear before court because I was detained under the command post.
  4. Even when I was taken to court after months, they denied me bail right even though my charges do not restrict bail.
  5.  I was mistreated by police station officers because of the protestant religion I belong to
  6. Interrogators threatened and insulted me during interrogations


I have been in prison for months. I was fired from my job due to my political views while I was teaching in Harar. I was born in Harar and was teaching history there. I was detained in Addis Ababa, while I came here looking for a job.

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