Journalist Getachew Shiferaw adjourned for third time for ruling – October 31, 2016 Hearing

Federal High Court 4th bench at Lideta adjourned the hearing of journalist Getachew Shiferaw, Editor-In-Chief of Negere Ethiopia newspaper, who is charged with terrorism for third time for ruling. Getachew is accused of having contacts with members of the outlawed political force Ginbot 7 using Facebook and phone calls.

Journalist Getachew Shiferaw

Journalist Getachew Shiferaw appeared before court on 31st Oct 2016 at Lideta high court 4th criminal bench. However, judges have called him to their office and gave another adjournment saying that they need additional time to evaluate prosecutor evidences presented against him and rule on whether the defendant is to be acquitted or defend himself.

Accordingly, court adjourned the case for November 7/2016 for ruling.

It was remembered that Getachew’s case had been seen by the 14th criminal bench. Nevertheless, his case has now transferred to 4th criminal bench and this means that the case will be seen by three judges as of today.

Federal prosecutor has presented only written evidences and has no witness against the defendant. Getachew Shiferaw has been in jail since December 25/2015.


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