More CD prosecutor evidences presented against Gurmessa Ayano et al (Feb 20/2017 hearing)

CD evidence against Ato Bekele Gerba could not be heard

It was to hear the rest audio visual evidences that the court had adjourned the case to Feb 20. The previous two hearings were to watch CD evidences against the 4th and 5th detainees (Bekele Gerba and Abdeta Negassa respectively).
Similarly, the bench heard two Afaan Oromo music clips as evidence against the 11th detainee (Beyene Rudo). ‘Masterplanu’ –‘The Master Plan’ played by singer Challa Bultumo as well as Siena Solomon’s clips were the testimonials heard. It is to be recalled that the prosecutor had presented [Afaan Oromo] music clips loaded on the detainee’s laptop claiming that he used them to provoke public against government’.
The interview given to the Oromia Media Network by the 4th detainee (Bekele Gerba) was presented as well. It is to be recalled that the hearing on testimonials had been deferred in the previous hearing as the CD failed to work. However, the CD failed to work in today’s hearing as well. The prosecutor requested two more days to come up with a copy of the file from police office.
Wondimu Ibssa represented the lawyer of Bekele Gerba in today’s hearing objected the prosecutor’s request claiming that it is up to the prosecutor to prepare its evidence in an proper manner and present it to the court. The lawyer lauded his objection against the two more days requested by the prosecutor.
Bekele Gerba on his part said, “if the file could be heard it would be to my advantage. Had the prosecutor wanted the file to be here, they would have easily downloaded it from YouTube and got it ready for the hearing. My assumption is that they may not want that testimonial. Hence, I ask the court to give verdict on what have already been prepared.” Examining the petitions from both sides, judges gave verdict for the prosecutor to use the two days to get the video file prepared. They considered the failure as a technical problem and said it would be important for the defendants too. The next hearing is adjourned for Feb 27, 2017.

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