OlanaKebede and et.al charged with Terrorism

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It is now very difficult to document and report trials of terrorism charges in Ethiopia since there are so many cases consisting of many peoples. This year 2016 Ethiopian Human Right Projecttakes the initiative to report, document and file three sample cases which can show the trend of political trials in Ethiopia’s courts. As a result of protest against Addis Abeba integrated master plan (Master Plan), there had been number of arrests and charges, among the one is OlanaKebede et.al case which now Ethiopia Human Right Project follow up and reports on the progress.

December 17th 2015 -OlanaKebede and et.al (21 defendants) court hearing

The charge against OlanaKebede and et.al (21 defendents) were read out by the court on December 17, 2015. The charge was to be read out to the defendants on previous hearing but the court was unable to do so because there was no Afaan Oromo translator in the court neither the defendant attorneys were present.

The public prosecutor filed the normal charges to the court on October 14, 2015 but the Federal High Court Lideta 19thcriminal bench read the charge to the defendants on December 17, 2015.

On OlanaKebede and et. al charge the defendants

  1. Olana Kebede
  2. Welde Motuma
  3. Megersa Fekadu
  4. Argmesisa Lenjisa
  5. Meseret Aboma
  6. Abdisa Ifa
  7. Warder Temesgen
  8. Tekalgn Merdosa
  9. Boki Esheti
  10. Berhanu Boki
  11. Mamushe Boki
  12. Fekadu Adugna
  13. Mekonen Zewede
  14. WerkuGuremu
  15. Geremu Adugna
  16. Dereje Taye
  17. Jaleta Sendafa
  18. Laqew Robi
  19. Engeda Kusi
  20. Toshele Tesfa
  21. Taddele Alemu


In general, the charge is organized consistingfour sequences of crimes and the first charge is against the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and  6th defendants mentioning the criminal code 32/1/ A also anti terrorism proclamation article 3/1 and 4. The charge claim  the defendants ‘being a member of  the outlawed Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), organizing themselves by cell structure and having assigned duty and responsibility, also recruiting member and was ready to act, conspire, incite and try to undertake terrorism acts  ’

The second charge is on the 4th, 7th,8th ,17th , 18th , and 19th defendants stating they committed the crime on criminal code article 32/1/1A and anti terrorism proclamation article 7/1/. The third charge within the OlanaKebede and et.al case is for the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th defendants and the articles mentioned to is the same as the second charge.

Lastly the 20th and the 21defendants were listed in the forth charge and the articles mentioned are criminal code article 32/1/1A and anti terrorism proclamation article 8.

While reading the charges, there was a translator from Amharic to Afan Oromo on December 17th hearing. Defendents were represented by three attorneys.

Read the full charge here (English version).


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