Omot Agwa. et al plead not guilty.

 ‘We committed no crime; we are not guilty’ defendants

Hearing Date – January 26/2016

On the case of federal persecutor Vs Omot et al all the three defendants plead not guilty

Presented at federal high court Lideta 19th criminal bench on January 26, 2016 Omot Agwa, Ashine Austin, and Jemal Omor plead not guilty in a similar manner.

The court order the public prosecutor to include the names of the police officer who have been hired by the first defendant as a police officer after returning back from taking training in Ertiera on the charges, but the prosecutor failed to include the names and only present the charge stating ‘un unknown police officer’

After receiving the amended charge the court ask the defendants if they have any opinion, the defendant’s attorney made it clear that they have no further objection on the charge and can proceed to the next. Then the presiding judge Tarekegn Amare asked the defendants one by one if they understood the charges and , if they commit the crime or not?

First defendant Omot Agwa said ‘I have not committed any crime and I am not guilty.’

Second defendant Ashine Austin said ‘it is clear; I have not committed the crimes. I am not guilty.’

Third defendant Jemal Omor ‘let alone to commit the crimes listed in the charge; I have never had the thought of it. I am not guilty.’

The public prosecutor explained to the court that he can present seven witnesses. The court adjourned the case to hear prosecutor wittiness for March 1, 2016 in the afternoon.

1st defendant Omot Agwa
1st defendant Omot Agwa
2nd defendant Ashine Astin
2nd defendant Ashine Astin

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