Opposition Party Leaders (including Bekele Gerba) and Members Charged of Terrorism

Opposition party leaders and members including the deputy chair for the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) party are charged of Terrorism at the federal High court 19th criminal bench.  The 22 defendants were brought before the court and their charges were read for them.

Their criminal charge is opened by led defendant Guremesa Ayanawe and Mr Bekele Gerba is the 4th defendant, according to the charge sheet. The charge says they have committed a crime violating the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation 621/ 2009 and criminal code articles 32, 35, 38.  It is also mentioned that they were responsible for the damage on 122 people, infrastructure and education process interruptions.

The defendants are also accused of being in leadership and member of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and inciting and coordinating/ inciting the protest on the Addis Abeba master plan.

The lists of defendants are

  1.  Guremesa Ayanaw
  2.  Dejene Taffa
  3. Addisu Bulala
  4. Bekele Girba
  5. Abdeta Naggasa
  6. Gelana Negera
  7. Chemsa Abdisa
  8. Getu Girma
  9. Feraol Tola
  10. Getachew Dereje
  11. Beyene Rudo
  12.  Tesfaye Liben
  13. Ashebir Desalage
  14. Dereje Merga
  15. Yessuf Alemayehu
  16. Hika Tekelu
  17. Gemechu Shinko
  18. Megessa Asefaw
  19. Lami Adeto
  20. Abdi Tamerat
  21. Abdela Kemsa
  22. Harakono Koncheraw

No lawyer represented the defendants on this hearing. Seven (7) of the defendants requested translation to Afan Oromo language because they are not able to listen or speak Amharic. The 22nd defendant also requested translation to Kiswahili because he cannot speak both Amharic and Afaan Oromo. The defendants were seen singing while they were walking to car after the hearing.

The next hearing is adjourned for April 26th to get translators and listen to another petitions they might have.

Bekele Gerba OFC vice chair
Bekele Gerba OFC vice chair

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