Poll on the Coming Ethiopian Election May 2015!

EHRP, in collaboration with mircha.org, a website set up by Ethiopian activists to document developments related to human rights violations committed in the context of the election process, will launch a public opinion poll aimed at assessing policies and practices of the government of Ethiopia. The online poll will stay open for all Ethiopians to participate from May 17-22, 2015.

The poll has options in Amharic and Oromiffa. We believe that this poll will provide some kind of a platform for Ethiopians to express their assessment of the performance of the ruling EPRDF on some of the core social, political and economic issues, which would have been on the ballot had there been an open and fair election environment. We will provide the links to the polling site on May 17. Please make your vote count by participating in the poll.
The Ethiopia Human Rights Project

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