Prosecution Responded on Preliminary Objections on Olana Kebede and et. al cases – January 5th Hearing

            The federal Prosecutor brought terrorism charges against Olana Kebede and et. al (20 psn)  on December 31, 2015 the defendants presented their preliminary objection on the earlier hearings and the prosecutor gave its response against the objection.

Federal high court Lideta 19th criminal bench received 7 pages response from the prosecution. The court failed to read out both the preliminary objection as well as the reply from the prosecutor at the hearing. As a result could not include the details in this report. The court is adjured to give ruling on February 8, 2016.

On January 5th trial there were more than 80 defendants (all in terrorism charges) inside one court room who happen to follow their case, because of the number of the detainees, families and friends of the defendants couldn’t get a chance to observe the trial.

The names of the defendants in the Olana Kebede and et. al case are

  1. Olana Kebede

  2. Welde Motuma

  3. Megersa Fekadu

  4. Argmesisa Lenjisa

  5. Meseret Aboma

  6. Abdisa Ifa

  7. Warder Temesgen

  8. Tekalgn Merdosa

  9. Boki Esheti

  10. Berhanu Boki

  11. Mamushe Boki

  12. Fekadu Adugna

  13. Mekonen Zewede

  14. Werku Guremu

  15. Geremu Adugna

  16. Dereje Taye

  17. Jaleta Sendafa

  18. Laqew Robi

  19. Engeda Kusi

  20. Toshele Tesfa

  21. Taddele Alemu

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