Prosecutor evidences hearing against Gurmessa Ayano, Bekele Gerba, and other OFC leaders completed (March 01/2017 hearing)

Audio-visual evidence against the fourth defendant –Bekele Gerba- not yet presented
It was to present the CD documents, which were presented in the previous hearings by the prosecutor but failed to be readable, that the court adjourned for March 01. However, the prosecutor requested the court to cancel the particular ‘testimonial’ from the list claiming that the audio visual failed to work despite efforts to make it workable and helpful.
Judges asked if the evidences were translated and presented to the court on the courts working language, the prosecution said they have given the translation work to be done by professionals.
Lawyers representing the detainee (Tollamariam Megerssa and Belay Wagari) on their part requested the court to dismiss the no presented audiovisual evidence and preside over the rest evidences presented. Regarding the translation work, lawyers requested the court that the decision should not be delayed because of the translation reminding that it should have been presented on time. Examining both petitions, the judges gave the following verdicts.
1st. The audio visual to be translated and submitted no later than March 6, 2017.
2nd. lawyers representing defendants should submit their written comments against the evidences and testimonies given. Accordingly, the court adjourned the case for March 29, 2017 for ruling.
Judges cancelled the prosecutor’s objection regarding the time given to prepare and present the material. The prosecutor claimed the translation would take time to make it ready coupled with the possible challenge in facilitating with the financial system of the translation firm.
9But the court over ruled the objection underling that the verdict took the potential challenge into account. Judges implied that the issue would be raised in the next hearing if necessary (if the time given is not enough).

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  1. “Diddiga garaadhaa dhufe,arrabni hindeebisu.” jedha Oromoon.Kanaafuu kan qabsaawaa jiru uummata,uummati ammoo waan jalqabe hanga bakkaan gahutti hin dhiisu.Odoo lafarra bubbutaa oolaniiyyuu uummata daandii qabsoo kana cufuu hindandaa’ani.

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