Public Prosecutor Said Okelo Akaye and et. al Sentencing Should be Aggravated

On June 2014, Okelo Akaye and were charged of terrorism by federal prosecutor by at the federal high court Lideta 19 criminal bench. On April 6, 2016 Okelo and all six defendants were found guilty. After guilty verdict by the court, prosecutor and defendants were ordered to present their mitigation and aggravation suggestions on sentencing.    

Both defendants and prosecutor file their suggestion to the court. Prosecutor said “defendants were conducting their criminal activity even after the implementation of the new punishment guidelines as a result claimed court should apply the new punishment guideline to render judgment.

Calling first, second and third defendant prosecutor claimed that since they were found guilty of violating the criminal code 27/1/, 32/1/A, 38 and 241 by part taking in illegal groups, by having leadership role in the illegal group, and by having role division,  in acting as foreign affairs, fundraising for the illegal group, recruiting members, by facilitating military trainings to the group members, by buying weapons, by having high level negotiation to receive weapons from Eritrean government, OLF and Genbot 7. Prosecutor claimed that their activity would have claimed many lives, damage property and considering the impact that may brought in the nation security, request the court to make the sentencing on aggravated crime level.

For the rest of the defendants prosecutor asked the court to give medium level punishment arguing that they were the member of illegal group knowing its agenda.

Defendants also argue that the charge against them as well as the court verdict shows that they were found guilty of crime which happened before 2013 and asked the court to apply punishment guidelines which were applicable at the time of the incidents that cause the guilty verdict.

As the court finds defendants guilty of violating criminal code 241, the defendants said there are no lives claimed or property damaged in their action and asked the court to render mitigated sentencing.

The defendants also said that they have never been guilty of any charge, and they are also bread winner in their family and that should be taken into consideration. First defendant also asked the court to lower punishment level because he has been serving Gambela region as well as the federation in different capacity including the region health office from 1986 to 2000 till being the regional president in 2004.

Court gave adjournment to pronounce its final sentencing for Wednesday April 27, 2016.


Okalo Gambeal Region

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