The 14th defendant Dereje Merga Debelo appeared before court while he was handcuffed. Political prisoners are still exposed to human right abuses in a higher rate: November 23 Hearing

The kilinto prison administration is notoriously known in abusing the human rights of prisons. Many prisoners have been crying out about the mistreatment they are exposed. It is remembered defendants in a file of Gurmessa Ayano et al have presented their complaints. In particular, the 6th, 7th, 14th and 17th defendants described in their complaint their hands and legs were cuffed the whole day and tied with the bed in the night, they are banned from family visit and they are not allowed to take anything from their families even Water and soap. The prison administration said the complaint is very far from the truth and the lawyers of the defendants working to defame the institution in a written reply.
Today, the administrator of the prison appeared before the court and said that the cry out of the complainants are bogus and he is not informed about it, if there is he said that he can resolve it by conversing with his colleagues. The four defendants told to the court they haven’t seen the Administrator before now and what he said is also totally wrong.


The 14th defendant, Dereje Merga told to the court the handcuff rusted on his hands subsequent to it is locked in his hands for several days, it became very difficult for the warders to unchain it before he enter the courtroom. He showed his handcuffed hands before the court. Even though the judges ordered to unchain him immediately the warders explained to the court it will not be unlocked unless it is hack sawed. Then, he attended the hearing while his hands cuffed. And also, the 7th defendant Chimsa Abdissa showed his injured hands as a result of over tightened handcuffs. The defendants explained further In addition to being chained for twenty four hours, they are locked the whole day and night in a suffocated cell with 84 prisoners.


In addition to the ill-treatment discussed above the defendants told to the court they are not allowed to receive meals from their families and they are required to eat dry bread with water when they spend the whole day in court to attend morning and afternoon sessions, the court order the prison to outlaw the forbidding and the prisoners can receive a meal from their families. On today’s hearing witnesses for prosecution against the third defendant Addisu Bulala in Gurmessa Ayano et al file are testified. The court will continue hearing witnesses by tomorrow.


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