‹‹They tied up my hands and legs with cord for three consecutive days” Kiber Alemayehu

Name: – Kiber Alemayehu

Age: – 36 years old

Address: – Amhara Regional State, West Gojjam Zone, Mankussa

Current situation: – held in Qilinto prison

The reason why I am jailed: – I think that they have arrested me for my political participations as member of the All Ethiopian People Organization (AEPO) party.

Prosecutor’s official charge against me:– Federal prosecutor charged me of violating Article 7(1) of the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (ATP) in which they accused me of having contacts with the outlawed Patriotic Ginbot 7 political force. I am now attending court hearings at federal high court.

The following rights violations are committed against me in prison:-

A. in Maekelawi

  1. I was held in a dark room incommunicado for one month.
  2. I was beaten so heavily. They committed torture against me that harmed my genital.
  3. I was denied medical treatment.
  4. They insulted me because of my ethnic identity.
  5. I was interrogated at nights.

B. in Qilinto prison

  1. They tied my hands and legs with cord for three consecutive days.
  2. I was not being visited by anyone for weeks.
  3. With my hands and legs tied up with a chair, they whipped my feet.
  4. They threatened me to kill me.


I was community organizer for AEPO party in west Gojjam. I was leading my life by trading and farming. However, government security people frequently threatened me in my locality for being member of an opposition party. Hence, I left my village and families and came to Addis Ababa and started working temporary works to support my families. However, I was then arrested in Addis Ababa and charged with terrorism.


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