Call for Proposals for Small Grants

Call for Proposals for Small Grants

(Open for Individuals/Group Human Rights Defenders and Newly Registered CSOs)

  1. Background

CRD is partnering with EHRCo. and CARD, civil society organizations basing in Ethiopia, for a project titled “Supporting Transition through Empowering HRDs in Ethiopia”. EHRCo. (Ethiopian Human Rights Council) is the oldest independent human rights organization in Ethiopia and CARD (Center for Advancement of Rights and Democracy) is a civil society organization recently founded and run by civil rights’ defenders in Ethiopia with the vision of seeing democratic Ethiopia. CRD (Civil Rights Defenders) is an international organization that is partnering with and supporting human rights defenders who work in some of the world’s most repressive regions on four continents.

The joint project has a range of activities form giving extensive human rights training to internship and grant for new project proposal. This call is for the grant amount allocated to reward the best proposal to contribute to democratic transition in Ethiopia.


  1. Purpose of the Grant

The purpose of the grant is to enable individuals/groups of human rights defenders and/or new organizations learn to go through all the processes of developing rights-based project proposal to its implementation and reporting it with the mentorship of CARD and EHRCo. Furthermore, the two hosting organizations give space and expert assistance to the developers of the three winning project ideas, and support the successful execution of the projects.


  1. Expected Proposals

Potential grantees are expected to present a proposal on the topics/subtopics of:

  • Protection of Human Rights in Transitional Political Situation of Ethiopia
  • Managing Civil Conversation in Democratic Transitions in Ethiopia
  • Combating Hate Speech and Fake News on the Social Media
  • Uncovering of Human Rights Violation in Conflict Areas and Internally Displaced People’s Camps
  • Combating Gender-Based Violence in Conflict Areas and Internally Displaced People’s Camps


Project proposals should be submitted to before 15th of September 2019 22nd of September 2019.


  1. Eligibility and Qualification Criteria

Potential grantees will be eligible only if:

  • Individuals living in Ethiopia and who have active ID cards; or
  • Civil society organizations who are registered in Ethiopia not before 2018;


  1. The Proposal

The proposal should be written in either English or Amharic and between 1,000 and 2,000 words. It also needs to have the following structure:

  • Executive Summary of the Project
    • Project Owner’s Name
    • Title of the Project
    • Purpose of the Project
    • Period of the Project (*cannot exceed 6 months starting from November 2019)
  • Brief Description of the Project Proposal
  • Expected Results
  • Profile of the Applicant
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Major Activities of the Project
  • Budget (*shouldn’t exceed USD 6,000 or its equivalent in ETB; it should only indicate amounts allocated for administrative and program purposes.)


  1. Evaluation Criteria

Joint team from CARD and EHRCo will evaluate and make the selection of project proposals, and the team’s decision is final. The following criteria will be used by the team for evaluation:

  • Consistency with grant objective;
  • Likelihood of the proposed project to be implemented;
  • The capacity of the applicant to implement the proposed project;
  • Budget allocation for program and administration

The selection will be based on the following score weights:

Proposal Evaluation Form Score Weight Point

(out of 25 each)

Consistency with the grant objective 15%
Likelihood of proposed project for implementation 40%
Capacity of the applicant 25%
Budget allocation 20%
Total 100%

* Female applicants are entitled for 10 % more score to what they are evaluated in sum than that of male applicants in affirmative measure to gender inequality.

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