Monitoring Social Media Conversation: The Conflict in Ethiopia, National Dialogue and Negotiation among Parties to the Conflict FEB 26 – MAR 25

Several Controversial issues related to the conflict in a part of Ethiopia and the negotiation between parties to the conflict continue to control the social media atmosphere. The video showing the security forces burning a living human has shocked social media users. Patriarch Abune Mathias’s interview and the subsequent response from Daniel Kibret, advisor to Prime Minister Abiy, was a source of controversy that divided social media users into two sides. Some consider the Patriarch a mere advocate of one ethnic group and support Daniel Kibret’s response, while others condemn the latter and stand in support of the Patriarch.

Although both the Federal government and the Tigray government seem to indicate that an understanding has been reached between them to temporarily halt clashes, many social media users doubt the sincerity of the apparent understanding between the parties. Many Tigrayan social media users remain in doubt about whether humanitarian aid will in fact enter Tigray.

Tom Gardner’s tweet on the alleged phone conversation between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Tigray Leader Debretsion Gebremichael has caused confusion among social media users. Many believe the phone conversation has indeed taken place and consider it a precursor to the peaceful resolution of the conflict. Whereas others believe that the information is simply fake given that both parties to the conflict said the conversation never happened. Nevertheless, the situation in northern Ethiopia remains volatile. The next few weeks will be crucial in determining which pathway the parties to the conflict will choose, de-escalation or a major war.

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