Social Media Situation Report on Tigray Conflict April 1 – May 25, 2021

The conflict on Tigray is aged seventh months now. It is to be recalled that state of emergency declared by the Ethiopian parliament on November 4, 2021, has its applicability lapsed now. No extension was made by the parliament. However, in practice, Tigray remains under the rule of the
command post. All restrictions including that of on access to internet service are in place. People in Tigray are not allowed to go outside their homes after 8:00 pm. Hence, despite its legal irregularity,
the state of emergency is De facto extended. Meanwhile, in Tigray a 3-day fasting was being held across all major cities of Tigray. The fasting
commenced on 25th May, 2021. It lasted until 27th May. According to several sources the fasting was for all Tigrayans regardless of their religion. During the fasting, all major cities in Tigray remained ghosted, for example, in Mekelle City, almost all Government offices were closed, businesses including government owned (like Banks) were closed, Public transportation was absent, and people stayed at home. The head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, Abune Mathias, has condemned the country’s rulers in a video, which according to CNN was, recorded by Dennis Wadley, director of Bridges of Hope, a US-based charity, saying “they want to destroy the people of Tigray” with actions of “the
highest brutality and cruelty”. Looting of aid by Eritrean troops and blockade of aid by Eritrean troops and Amhara forces have
been reported to have taken place in Tigray. Several sources have made reports of different incidents in various parts of Tigray in which these forces have either blocked or looted (specially by members of Eritrean army) humanitarian aid. Please read the full report below or download HERE


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