Call for Project Cycle Management Trainers and Organizational Procedural Manuals Developing Firms

Terms of Reference (ToR) for Project Cycle Management Trainer and Consultancy Firm to develop standard policy and procedure manuals. 



The Center for the Advancement of Rights and Democracy (CARD) is a board-led, not-for-profit organization registered in Ethiopia under Civil Societies Law 1113/2019 with registry number 4307. CARD aspires to see Ethiopia as a place where democratic culture flourishes on human rights values and works with a mission to empower citizens and groups of citizens to ensure their ability to promote and defend human rights and build democratic governance in Ethiopia.

CARD, in collaboration with International Media Support (IMS), is implementing a project titled Enabling Associations of Journalists for Impactful Action. The project aims to improve the operational sustainability of media practitioner associations in Ethiopia through capacity-building activities. These activities include training and mentorship for the leaders of these associations and providing operational manuals to build their organizational capacity. 

To this end, CARD  is seeking the services of two experts to support this initiative. We require a Project Cycle Management (PCM) expert to conduct a four-day training session and mentorship support for members of a media associations in Ethiopia to strengthen their capacities in shaping their project and advocacy ideas.  Additionally, CARD is also looking to hire a consulting firm or a group of consultants to develop standard policy and procedure manuals, including the Policy and Procedure Manual, Human Resource Manual, Financial Procedure Manual, Procurement Manual, and Travel and Per Diem Policy Manual for these media associations


2. Objectives

The objective of this assignment is to enhance the capacity of media associations to design and implement projects through PCM training and mentoring to implement effective projects that achieve their desired outcomes and develop a model manuals, procedures, and guidelines  such as standard policy and procedure manual for the media associations.

a. PCM Trainer:

  • Conduct a four-day training program on Project Cycle Management for media association leaders and members.

  • Provide mentoring and guidance to the participants after the training to ensure effective implementation of PCM principles in their projects.

b. Consultancy Firm/Group of consultants:

  • Develop model manuals, procedures, and guideline , including the Policy and Procedure Manual, Human Resource Manual, Financial Procedure Manual, Procurement Manual, and Travel and Per Diem Policy Manual for media associations

  • Ensure that the manuals align with the organization's goals, objectives, and industry best practices.

  • Provide recommendations for improving existing policies and procedures, if applicable.

3. Scope of Work:

a. PCM Trainer:

  • Design and deliver a four-day training program on Project Cycle Management, covering topics such as project planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

  • Develop training materials, including presentations, handouts, and exercises.

  • Provide post-training mentoring and support to the participants, including guidance on project implementation and troubleshooting.

b. Consultancy Firm/Group of consultants:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of the media associations existing policies and procedures.

  • Develop comprehensive policy and procedure manuals for the identified areas, ensuring clarity, consistency, and compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards.

  • Provide a final version of the manuals in electronic format. 

4. Deliverables:

a. PCM Trainer:

  • Training program agenda and materials.

  • Training evaluation report.

  • Post-training mentoring and support plan.

b. Consultancy Firm:

   Standard Policy and Procedure Manual, which includes the following: 

  • Human Resource Manual

  • Financial Procedure Manual.

  • Procurement Manual.

  • Travel and Per Diem Policy Manual


5. Timeline:

a. PCM Trainer:-

Training Schedule: Four days of training will be provided, tentatively from November 13 to November 16.  


b. Consultancy Firm/Group of consultants:

The manual will be developed between October 20 and December 11, 2023, with the final manual due on December 11, 2023.


6. Qualifications and Requirements:

a. PCM Expert:

  • Proven experience in delivering Project Cycle Management training programs.

  • Strong knowledge of project management principles and methodologies.

  • Excellent communication and mentoring skills.

b. Consultancy Firm/Group of consultants:

  • Demonstrated expertise in developing policy and procedure manuals.

  •  Familiarity with the subject areas of the manuals.

  • Experience working with organizations in a similar industry or sector.

  • Renewed consulting license and certification required to perform the work. 


Interested applicants are expected to send their updated resume and letter of interest by 18 October 2023 via

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