Monitoring Social Media Conversation: The Conflict in Ethiopia, National Dialogue and Negotiation among Conflict Parties

 Various developments have been observed during this reporting period in Ethiopia. The course of events conveys mixed messages. There seems to be apparent progress in the dialogue between the FDRE government and the Tigray government. The breakout of Tigrayan religious factions from the federal level religious administration adds another complexity into the situation. Major religious groups in Tigray (the Orthodox Church, Islamic Institution and Evangelical Church) have announced their departure to form Tigray-wide independent institutions.

There has been sporadic fighting in various parts of the country. Fighting was reported in areas of Afar region bordering the Tigray region. The UN says the fighting has impacted the access to humanitarian aid. United Nation’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs UNOCHA, reported all-time lowest food distribution in Tigray “as stock and fuel almost entirely exhausted reaching only about 10,000 people between 6-12 January”.

On another note, the story of religious treasures being sold online has been controversial among social media users. The Times reported “Centuries-old manuscripts, Bibles and scrolls are being offered to collectors for as little as a few hundred pounds on sites including eBay, months after heritage experts warned of the “cultural cleansing” of the northern Tigray region.” Many social media users campaigned that the acts were “cultural cleansing “. Download the full report.


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